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responsiveMobile Compatible

Our components are HTML5 and CSS3 (No Flash!). Desktop, tablet or phone. They look great!



easy to customize Built for Joomla 2.5

ProFashionImageStrip installs easily as a module, into the leading content management system, Joomla.
It's companion, ProFashionImage, installs quickly as a Joomla content plugin, permitting the easy insertion of dynamically sized images directly into article content.

forum supportForum Support

Help with installation, discussion, as well as troubleshooting operational issues, is available on the forums.

freash-and-cleanClean Presentation

Both vertical and horizontal images mesh cleanly via the strip format, preferred by industry professionals for optimized online portfolio viewing.

virtuemartEasy Subscription

An affordable yearly subscription provides free updates/upgrades, as well as technical support.

flexibleSlideshowPro Director

Both ProFashionImageStrip and ProFashionImage leverage SlideshowPro Director (one of the absolute best professional image management systems available), to intelligently manage image assets.

Purchase a Pro Fashion Tools Subscription

Pro Fashion Tools

Subscription access to Pro Fashion Tools downloads and support.

1 year term.

Pro Fashion Tools came to be, as a result of the owner's own quest for a Joomla slideshow module to implement the industry preferred image strip presentation format for his professional fashion photography website.

Although there are a seemingly overwhelming number of Joomla slideshow modules available, none of them fit the optimal requirements for use by a professional fashion photographer.

Some of the deficiencies of existing Joomla slideshow modules, when attempting to utilize them for the professional presentation of fashion images, include:

  1. Tedious one-by-one navigation by right/left arrows and miniature, hard to see thumbnails, makes it difficult to efficiently review images.
  2. Difficult to update and manage images, due to simplistic image management, not well suited for frequent image updates.
  3. No compatibility or integration to professional image asset management

Leveraging an image strip for professional online portfolio display has quickly become the preferred presentation for professional photographers, as well as model agencies, models, stylists, makeup artists and others in the fashion industry.

Some of the reasons for this include: Effortlessly simple navigation, both vertical and horizontal images display optimally side-by-side and cross-device support (desktop, tablet and phone devices function equally well).

In addition, equally important is how seamlessly the presentation strip, inserts into the professional work flow of the image producer, to facilitate effortless updating of images. Pro Fashion Tools Image Strip leverages arguably the best image asset management system on the market today; SlideshowPro Director, which is available at a low cost to either directly install on your server or as an affordable hosted platform. There is also an interface between Adobe Lightroom and SlideshowPro Director, for a completely seamless workflow experience.